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  • Security & Surveillance

    It is every individual’s anxious desire to ensure safety for themselves and their near & dear ones. Apart from theft or robbery, escalating rate of terrorism is of great concern these days. CCTV has become a standard requirement for more and more businesses seeking to comply with Health & Safety requirements. Now, in the modern digital age, recording systems can be installed which run without manual intervention. It is possible to capture and retain footage for up to multiple months. Remote monitoring, which can include everything from power supply status and equipment temperatures to alarms and CCTV cameras, can significantly reduce the costs of security for companies which have traditionally relied on 24 hour on-site security personnel. We are committed to make your organizations and homes safer from every perspective wiping out all the apprehensions. With significant skills on IP surveillance with the touch of mobility which most demanding requirement from any sector to reduce the cables and improve the environment from security risk, FORTEK offers various security solutions ranging from Surveillance, Security & Access Control for consumer as well as corporate needs which includes:

    • IP Surveillance Solutions
    • Wireless cameras
    • AHD, TVI, CVI HD turbo cameras
    • Safe City/Campus Security & Surveillance solutions
    • Walk Through Gates

    Access Control

    • Time Attendance System & Access Controls
    • Flap Barriers
    • Turnstile Gates
    • Blockers
    • Tyre Killers
    • Baggage Scanners
    • Under Vehicle Scanners

    Security Alarm Systems

    We can make your offices and homes fortified by installing Smart Security Alarm system. Now you can even remotely view your office or home by sitting anywhere, anytime. Of one thing you can be certain, if you need electronic security installation and related services for your commercial premises will be there with the latest technologies and solutions and sound advice on what you really need to achieve your objectives in a cost effective way.Our security systems are there to safeguard your office/business, homes from theft or robbery and organizations from terrorist attacks. Security system can be classified into various categories depending upon their mode of operation. Alarm systems will inform the owner or security agencies in case of any disturbances via following 3 modes:

    • Phone call on Emergency number
    • SMS on Emergency number
    • Mobile Notification via IOS/Android app

    A complete security system is composed of various components. Some of them are mentioned below:

    Door Sensors

    This particular sensor when attached to any desired door, drawer or cupboard can readily detect the opening of door and will send a signal to alarm panel, which can ring the alarm depending on the preset settings.

    Motion Sensor

    Motion sensor detects any kind of motion in front of it within its range and can ring alarm as soon as the motion is detected. This ensures that no one can enter your premises without your permission.

    Curtain Sensor

    Curtain sensor when installed on any window frame can detect the motion in front of that frame. This ensures that no one can enter your premises by breaking the window.

    Wireless Siren

    Apart from built in siren of Alarm Panel, this is also there to produce a loud noise in case of any unwanted disturbance. This is useful especially in organizations and educational institutes.

    Panic Button

    Panic button when pressed in case of any emergency or chaos condition will start ringing alarm and will make a telephone call on the emergency number. Educational institutes, Organizations can be linked to nearby Police station via Panic button ensuring the timely rescue operation.

    Alarm Panel

    All the sensors installed in any premises are linked to this Alarm Panel which is placed at the central location of any premises. It is the brain of security system. All the output operations like Alarm ringing, Telephonic call/SMS information etc. are done by it. It has a rechargeable battery in it and can work upon Power failure.

    Security & Surveillance

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    Security Alarm Systems1

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