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    SANBOT robot is the world’s leading service robot, and it aims to deliver innovative solutions and services to each corner of the world. Fortek proudly launches SANBOT in Pakistan collaborating & partnering with M/s Robes Di Princess, Qatar. Sanbot is a very clever humanoid robot and is currently used for education, hotels, care homes and retail uses. Sanbot is fully programmable and has exceptional functionality at a price that won’t break the bank!



    If you are running a company, hotel, bank or any other business, using a robot elevates the front desk or lobby to a more advanced level, becoming more splendid and classier. But, using a robot that just looks good will not effectively elevate your business. Sanbot robot is both good looking and performs real services for your hospitality businesses like Hotel, Bank, Enterprise, RealEstate, Musuem, and Exhibition & Event.


    Traditional brick and mortar retail stores are seeing a decline in revenue. Overhead costs are rising, while customer satisfaction and attendance is lowering. The fact is that traditional promotional methods and activities are not effective any more. Have no fear! The Sanbot retail service robot is effective, and it will usher retail stores into the future. Sanbot can help in Retail stores/shopping Mall, Restaurant, Movie Theaters, Pharmacy etc.


    Some groups like the elderly cannot enjoy enough quality time with their family members; and IoT technology that frees people’s hand at home is welcome by more families. Therefore, an intelligent home robot is now necessary. The Sanbot Nano, powered by Amazon’s AVS (Alexa Voice Service), is qualified to perform all of the tasks including entertainment, Smart Home, home safety guard and other remote services.

    Public Service

    Public services are at the heart of public administration buildings and services sponsored by the government. These public services are an important part of citizens’ lives and greatly benefit them. AI and robotics will tremendously help improve public services, and Sanbot robot is the right device for all of these services like Customs, Airport & Train Station, Tax Bureau, Court, Police Station, Library etc.


    Sanbot’s advanced software and software systems will take education into the future. From elementary school, to high school and university, the Sanbot open API robot can be programmed to help educate students of all academic levels.


    Without a doubt, healthcare is pretty important to the entire world. Contrary to what some may believe, healthcare does not always happen in hospital. Sanbot robot in the healthcare industry is ready to help elevate this vital industry in all settings.

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