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    Gas Leakage explosion and Short circuit fire incidents are increasing day by day which requires Fire detection and alarm system for each and every type of building. Such systems are mandatory for commercial buildings, factories, public buildings and condominiums. FORTEK offers fire detection and alarm systems for every kind of establishment to counter this threat and gives you a timely intimation. Following are the major components of this system:

    Gas leakage sensor

    Gas sensor is installed near gas outlets. Courtesy of its sensitivity, it can readily detect any Gas leakage and perform the preset output operation.

    Smoke Sensor

    Smoke is a byproduct to any kind of fire. This sensor readily detect any kind of smoke caused by any fire incident and will perform the preset output operation.(Alarm and call notification)
    Fire Extinguishers & Fire Suppression

    Fortek provides the delivery and installation of fire handling equipment. This includes CO2 Fire Fighting Extinguishers, Dry Chemical Powder fireplace Extinguishers, hearth Hose Reels, fireplace Hose shelves, ,hearth Hose Reel shelves, fireplace Hydrant device, hearth Sprinkler system, hearth Hose Reel gadget, fireplace Extinguisher shelves, hearth Alarm device traditional & Addressable type, fireplace Suppression structures like FM-200 / NOVEC 1230/ CO2 structures and all varieties of fireplace Hydrant accessories like fireplace Hose Coupling, Hydrant Valves, Nozzles etc

    Fire Fighting

    Fire Fighting1