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  • Smart Automation

    Automation has transformed the lifestyle of million around the Globe. Not only it has turned every aspect of comfort & luxury with Home Automation solutions, but also contributed in reduction of operational cost, increasing efficiency at Industrial level. Fortek offers state of the art Smart Automation solutions for all sort of Residential and Commercial requirements.

    FORTEK can automate your home or business and enable you to taste the “Smart life” idea.

    Home Automation

    Think about enhanced comfort, improved convenience, robust security and smart energy management. Yes, home automation technology can influence every aspect of your daily living! Let your home surroundings be populated with controlled systems and let centralized automation and control change the way you live!


    • Save time and effort! Considering the hectic work schedules, everyone heads home craving relaxation.
    • Enjoy smart management of highly repetitive tasks without moving from your space via Light & Fan Control, TV Control, A/C Control.
    • Convenience for disabled & senior citizens as they can manage home systems remotely.
    • Be in control of your home even sitting miles away by accessing & controlling the smart home systems and appliances through smart Automation App on your smartphone.
    • Control the Energy and thus reducing the electricity cost.

    Commercial Automation

    The Business are always concerned about their operating cost and increasing efficiency. With the help of Smart Automation solutions, not only efficiency is increased but with convenience and cost effective method. The automation solutions can optimize the energy usage thereby increasing profitability.


    • Saving energy and saving money through Power management.
    • Value addition increases productivity.
    • Central monitoring and control through SMART central system.
    • Control of complete space with the touch of an icon or button.
    • Enhanced ambiance through attractive solutions.
    • Ensure complete security and safety of commercial space with access control and surveillance systems like CCTV cameras.

    Products & Solutions

    • Control Electronic Appliances.
    • Gate Automation Solutions.
    • Smart Access.
    • Smart Monitoring
    • Smart Locks
    • Smart Lighting
    • Smart Sensors
    • Curtain Control
    • Intelligent Parking System



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    Smart Monitoring